Instructions to register Online CNE

Step 1

Choose your Category, enter your TNNMC Number and select your Date of Birth. Read eMail related information carefully and enter your valid eMail-ID.

Step 2

The eMail that you give will be verified by TNNMC. A verification code will be sent to your eMail account for Online CNE account activation.

  • Candidate's permanent eMail-ID should be created. eMail-ID once given cannot be changed.
  • Other person's / Browsing centre / Friends / Relatives eMail-IDs should not be used. In such cases, later TNNMC shall not be responsible.
  • Always double check your DOB, eMail-ID spelling, Password before you Submit Online.

Step 3

Choose and type your password carefully.

  • Password must contain more than 6 characters.
  • You should not forget your Password, note it down somewhere secure.
  • Enter your 10 digit mobile number which will be used to contact you by TNNMC.

Step 4

Check your eMail-ID spelling.

  • A Security Code will be sent to your eMail-ID.
  • Open and Login to your eMail account(ex: gmail/yahoo/hotmail/outlook etc.,) side by side to view the Security Code eMail sent from TNNMC.

Step 5

We will send a Security Code to your eMail address for eMail Verification. Enter the Security Code to activate your account with TNNMC Online CNE.

  • Copy and Paste / Type the activation code from the eMail sent to your eMail-ID from TNNMC.
  • If you have typed a wrong Security Code, click the Re-Generate Code button to receive new Security Code.
  • If you didn't receive any eMail from TNNMC for more than 10 minutes, check the eMail-ID given by clicking Back button or click the Re-Generate Code button to receive new Security Code.

Note: Password must contain the Following Combinationl>
  • Length at least 6 characters and maximum of 20
  • one digit from 0-9 and one lowercase letter